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Glaze Making Workshop

Sunday, January 5th 2020.  1 - 2:30pm

$25 (10 spots) 

Regritration: December 2nd, 2019

Instructors: Teresa Bzowy and Ashely Marshall

Come learn the basics of how to make a dipping glaze from a recipe. In the workshop

we will talk about basic glaze components, safety, and demonstrate how calculate,

 weight, and mix a glaze from a recipe. Every attendee will get to make a test batch (100g)

from one of the five glaze recipes we give out.

Winter Pottery Classes 2020

#4 318 105 th Street East

Saskatoon, Sk

S7N 1Z3


Registration December 2nd, 2019

                          Beginner Hand Building class (adult)                                   Intermediate Hand Building classes (adult

                         No prior clay experience required                                         Must have taken more than 1 pottery class             

                         $185.00+GST                                                                            $200.00 + GST     

                         Thursday evenings 7-9:30pm                                                 Using the wheel (4 classes) if you choose.

                         In this class you will learn the basics of                               Tuesday afternoon 1:30pm - 4pm

                         hand building with clay. Adding texture and                         or evening 7-9:30pm (8 weeks) 

                         decorating and glazing your pieces.                                      January 7th/20 - February  18th/20     

                         As well as a chance to try the wheel                                       Instructor; Teresa Bzowy                 

                         January 9th/20 - February 20th/20                                        

                       Instructors;Teresa Bzowy                               


Beginner Hand Building and Wheel Throwing Class (Adult)

185.00+GST Wednesday evenings 

In this class you will learn the basics of hand building with clay.

Adding texture, decorating and glazing your pieces. Also a chance to try the wheel.

January 8th/20- February19th/20 (8 weeks)

Instructors; Morgan Bzowy & Ashely Marshall

Basic shared tools, clay firings, limited amount of clay and glazes are included in the price.

Please call or e-mail us for information and to register.

Class sizes are limited to 8 people/class

Ph: 306- 664-8733

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