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Electric Kilns

By the piece


4x4x4” or smaller $3.00ea.


8x8x8” or smaller $8.00ea.


12x12x12” or smaller $15.00ea.


Per shelf rate


 Under 12” tall $25.00


Over 12” tall $38.00


Full load rates


Cone 06-04 $45.00


Cone 6 glaze $55.00


 Our electric kiln is 6.4 CU.FT


 Opening 22.38, Depth 27”

Gas Kiln


Are ready to get Your cone 10R on!


Our 18 cubic ft Geil kiln will be available for rental for the 3 weekends in March. For cone 10R.

 The cost is $30.00 a cubic foot and includes glazes and we load and fire the kiln.

Glaze dates are as follows

Saturday March,7th 10:30 am

Saturday March, 14th 10:30 am

Saturday March 21st 10:30 am

Please ensure that your pots are cone 10 clay and that they are waxed before you come to glaze. A $50.00 deposit is required to your spot and is nonrefundable if you cancel.

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